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Aboriginal People (Orang Asli in Malay) is a term to describe for any indigenous groups that found in Peninsular Malaysia.
Malay language is knows as “Orang Asli”

The Batek, 'Sakai', 'Pangan', 'Orang Asli', they live in the forests of upper States of Perak, Kelantan and north-west Pahang border of Cameron Highlands . They are bilingual, most of them speak Malay, some are already close to Malay society. If you travel all the way from Tapah or Simpang Pulai to Cameron Highlands you can see many aborigines villages beside the main road. 

Kampung Pangan Orang Asli Village near Boh Tea Estate and aborigines village near Sungai Ruil at Tanah Rata are the two famous aborigines villages in Cameron Highlands among many aborigines villages in the highlands. Orang Asli live in a government settlement some of them have a permanent centre. Settlements are non-permanent or semi-permanent or themobility populations move around the forest all year round except during the rainy season and they built temporary camps. They often build village near the head-water.

Blowpipe hunting, hunting by hand, fishing and collecting are their life activities. Animals hunted include Squirrels, birds rodents, bats, lizards, wild cats, civet, different species of monkeys, gibbons, siamangs, vegetarian monkeys, tortoises and turtles, porcupine, monitor lizard, reticulated python, pangolin, large bamboo rat, bear, gaur, wild boar, tapir and many species of fish are caught. The men hunt wild boar, deer and bear, while women catch tortoises, monitor lizards and porcupines though they also help make and inspect the wild boar traps in the fields. Some of them never eat buffalo, chicken or goat but they do exchange them for game, and occasionally sell them. 

Orang Asli around Cameron highlands dependent on forest resources for their livelihood, include mountain rice, maize, tubers, manioc, sweet potato, taro, yams, fruits, sweet bananas, plantains, marrows and vegetables. Alcoholic beverages are prepared with the fruit. They always keep a fire going against mosquitoes.

Orang Asli stay beside the main road of Cameron highlands now more dependence on commercial foodstuffs like rice, flour, sugar bought in shops. These products are usually bought on credit and paid for with forest products like rattan, resin, essential oil, honey etc. Rations include rice, sugar, cooking oil also provided by the JOA (Jambatan Orang Asli).

Aboriginnes divided into three tribes and each group separates to sub-groups sociologically:

1) Semang (Negrito) 
- Kensiu - Kintak  - Lanoh - Jahai - Mandriq 
2) Senoi 
- Temiar - Semai - Semoq Beri - Jahut - Mah Meri - Che Wong 
3) Proto-Malay
- Temuan - Semelai - Jakun - Kanaq - Kuala - Selatar

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