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history4Cameron Highlands is a wonderful place to escape the heat and the interior or the jagged life of KL.Now wonder as the Cameron Highlands are located 1,829 metres above sea level. The climate is great, and it was one of the most popular hill stations of Southeast Asia in Colonial Times.

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Cameron Highlands was discovered by a William Cameron, a British surveyor who stumbled across the plateau in 1885 during a mapping expedition. Failing to mark his discovery on the map, the location of the plateau was a finally confirmed by subsequent expeditions.

In 1925, Sir George Maxwell visited the highlands and decided to develop it as a hill station. A development committee was then formed which functioned until 1931. During this time, the winding road up to the highlands was constructed and this enormous task was done entirely by manual labour.

Once the road was constructed, wealthy residents and British government officials started building retreats on the slopes of the highlands. Later some settled here permanently and a business community developed. Farming was the main activity at that time. A permanent British army base was also established soon after that.

In 1929, John Archibald Russell, who was the son of a British administrative officer started a tea plantation which is now the famous Boh Tea Plantation. The highlands had developed successfully until the outbreak of World War II. After the war, the British returned to administer the highlands. Development continued even after the independence from the British in 1957.

The area is very suitable for hiking. You can spend several days there seeing butterflies orchids waterfalls great scenery and tea plantations. Tea cultivated on Cameron Highlands is among some of the best tea found in the country. The walks range from short paved trails to small expeditions.

The hill station also offers a fine golf course and excellent accommodations—worth the long winding drive.

Cameron Highlands has a unique piece of history. It all begins in 1885 when a British Surveyor named William Cameron, accompanied by his companion, Kulop Riau, went on a mapping expedition of the Titiwangsa Range. In the expedition, they used elephants to carry them for months in a journey to explore the Titiwangsa Range. They started their adventurous tour from Tanjung Rambutan and started to trace the Kinta River to its origin. They then went through the Titiwangsa Range in a south - easterly direction.

Not long after that, they stood on the summit of Mount Pondok Challi. Cameron reported that he saw a plateau, of an elevation of 4,400 to 4,500ft. But Cameron failed to mark his find on the map. In the 1920s, the location of the plateau was finally confirmed by a consensus of reports from subsequent expeditions. That's how Cameron Highlands was discovered. To honour his discoveries, the highlands is named after.

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