Cameron Highlands Bharat Tea Plantation

Tomatoes In Mexico Bharat Tea Plantation as it is owned and operated by the Bharat Group, the second largest tea producer in Malaysia. Bharat plantation company originates from India's Uttar Pradesh region and had made its presence in Cameron Highlands since 1933.

Bharat Plantation owns four parcels of tea gardens with 1,600 acres of planting area.1952 Bharat has began processing their own tea leaves on contract basis,by 1963, the Bharat company acquired an on-site tea processing plant. The rest is probably what we have seen today. Just like the Boh Tea Plantation with its famous tea brand and plantation.

The type of tea tree grown here is known as Camellia sinensis, which has a long history of Indian and Chinese geographic origins. While it is known to grow in lowlands, its preference for slightly acidic soil and well-drained hilly terrains of sub-tropical climates makes it a natural choice for planting in Bharat Tea Plantation. Not to mention, most tea trees can live for over a hundred years, provided the tea farming methods are done properly.

Bharat tea house is built such that to give an impression of being perched or hanged above the whole tea plantations. The view of Bhara tea Plantation is fantastic, also is a farmous travel point in Cameron Highlands. As the morning sun shimmers on the tea plants, it brings out the most majestic of green hues that can be found anywhere.

Bharat Tea Plantation welcome all visitor to feel the actual plantation homes and tea processing factory. The tea gift shop is also a great place and let visitor to purchase Bharat tea products and gifts from Cameron Highlands.