Cameron Guide

Mention Pahang and one conjures up visions of lush tropical forests, cool mountain air, endless sand beaches glistening in the sun, lakes and waterfalls nesting in the arms of mountain crevices plus everything else that spells a resort to nature. Pahang is in fact all these and much more. Located in the East Coast region, Pahang is the largest state in Peninsular Malaysia with a population of nearly 1 million comprising of the three main racial communities of Malaysia – the Malays, Chinese and Indians.

Spanning north to south of the state, forming a natural divider between east and west Pahang is a formidable mountain range wherein lies Peninsular Malaysia’s highest peak, Gunung Tahan, the inspiration of many a mountaineer in this part of the world. Pahang’s climate is characteristic of the tropics – hot and humid all the year round with a distinct wet and dry season that coincides with the wet seasons from South China Sea. Kuantan the state capital is not only fast developing as a commercial town but is also a popular seaside resort. Pekan, 45km. south of Kuantan and situated near the river mouth of Sg. Pahang, is the Royal Town.