Sungai Palas Tea Centre

Visit the oldest tea factory in Malaysia Sungai Palas Boh tea to observe the processing of tea and to have a tour of the factory will be conducted by our guide. Enjoy a cup of the at the tea centre (Ummpp Tea Shop) where you’ll be fascinated by the wide range of tea offered here. Learn Cameron Highlands tea history at the mini exhibition hall.

Boh Plantations Sdn Bhd, Malaysia ’s is currently the leading tea grower in the country. The company produces four million kilos of tea annually, translating into about 5.5 million cups of tea per day. And about 70% of all tea in  Malaysia comes from the BOH gardens. It owns four tea gardens, of which three – in Boh, Sungei Palas and Fairlie – are located some 5,000ft above sea level in Cameron Highlands . The fourth is in Bukit Cheeding, Selangor. Collectively, the gardens constitute a total planted and mature area of 1,200ha.
Besides being the leading brand in Malaysia, it also exports to BruneiSingaporeJapan, the United Arab Emirates and the US .

Sungai Palas Boh Tea estate which was closed on Mondays.


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teacentre7金馬崙高原的涼意無限好,惹人愛的是其壮观整齐铺展开来的古老茶山,茶叶种植园覆盖了高原的大部分地区 。綠意無限養眼。走進兰色峡谷茶山、Bharat茶山茶馆、Sungai Palas Boh或离 Habu 区6Km 的Boh Tea Garden (开放时间是早上9点至下午4.30。星期一休息) 。 茶叶种植园、茶厂、展览馆及茶馆,游客可以参观观摩茶叶的种植和制作的程序。入门免费。

你还可在茶园的茶座里一尝各种格式花味茶,水果味茶,享受美味小吃及观赏大自然风光。你也可以在此购买茶叶及纪念品作为手信。在茶厂、展览馆你可以: 学习到Boh茶的历史种植茶叶制造过程。捕捉漂亮茶树优美的茶山景区相片。这里是一个真正的世外桃源。