Trichocereus fulvilans

Trichocereus fulvilans reaches up to 1.5 m in height and forms large clumps of stems, some 7 cm across. The spines in some specimens are as much as 10 cm long. The flowers appear on the crown, they measure10-12 cm and resemble those of Echinopsis. They are white and pleasantly perfumed. T. fulvilanus comes from the arid areas of northern Chile. T. chilensis is its close relative, forming thickets over a large area of coastal Chilean deserts. The largest species, T. pasacana from western Argentina, exceeds 10 m in height. It forms virtual cactus ferests on the mountain slopes. The sedlings serve as excellent stock for all sorts of scions.

Source from: The Illustrated Encyclopedia of Cacti & Other Succulents